Doggie and Kitty play dates

Does your cat distract you from doing housework? Or maybe you have a puppy you can't tire out? Or maybe you work from home? Doggie and Kitty play dates. I will come to your house and keep your dog or cat company so you can get your housework done or have a relax. I will play your pets favourite games and even teach them some new ones. I even come prepared with toys and treats. Then, when I am gone, and all your work is done, you can relax with your pet and not be thinking about how messy your kitchen is or that upstairs needs hoovering. Instead, you can enjoy your time with your pet.

This is also an excellent way for puppies and kittens to meet new people and get used to strange people in their homes.

This service may not be suitable for fearful or aggressive dogs and cats (it may be a good idea to book a discovery call with Amy to see if an alternative service may be more suitable).

Each playdate lasts 1 hour and costs £12