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Amy is licenced by the Dog Training College to deliver their Understanding Canine Body Language and Reactive Rascals workshops. All workshops will take place online using Zoom. These workshops are interactive. They are CPD accredited, and after the workshop, you will receive a certificate and digital badge.

Available for day rate work £200

Understanding Canine Body Language 

Do you want to be a dog detective?
Then this is the course for you.

Learning objectives:
*To recognise subtle canine body language
*To increase canine emotional awareness 
*To reduce unhelpful anthropomorphism
*To increase bite prevention awareness
*To recognise appropriate and inappropriate play
*To improve our relationships with our own dogs


We meet the learning objectives by looking at the components of canine body language by examining the different parts of the dog. We then look at canine emotion and dog to dog communication. We will them put your new detective skills to the test by doing some video analysis 

The workshop is 4hrs long and takes place via zoom.

Tickets cost £50 but keep an eye on my social media for any deals.

Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages to find out about dates. 

Reactive Rascals

In this 4 part interactive workshop on reactive rascals. You will be able to understand reactivity in dogs, learn how to be your dogs superhero, and more.

This workshop is on for 5 hours.

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