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Meet my pets

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Nickname: Howie

Likes: Catnip, Cuddles, visiting the neighbours

Dislikes: the rain

Howard was originally a stray who came in one day and never left. He is a very cheeky boy, often visiting the neighbours. He is also very gentle and affectionate.


Amelia's  mum

Nickname: Bernie, Dettie, Mummy, Fatty

Likes: Food, Treats

Dislikes: Exercise, being woken up

I got Bernie after seeing an advert in a pet shop getting rid of her. Little did we know she was pregnant! About 8 weeks later 5 little ginger kittens were born. 


Bernadette's daughter.

Nickname: Millie, Millie Moo, Minkie, Minkle

Likes: Getting wrapped up, strokes, cuddles in bed, boxes, bags, getting brushed

Dislikes: The cold, 

Millie was one of Bernie's babies. She was the only girl in the litter. She is super affectionate and loves getting under the covers in bed.


Nickname: Sullie, Sull, Sulkie, Sulk, Black boy, Black panther, Ullie Bear 

Likes: Food, Sunbathing, catnip, being brushed

Dislikes: being kept inside

Sullie came to us after one his owner died and the husband was struggling to look after him. He was a bit underweight and had been over grooming. He is a very cheeky boy who likes things on his own terms.


Jemima's brother.

Nickname: Jerry, Jelly belly, Jelly bean, Beanie, Mean bean, Beanie baby, Bean bag, squishy bean, squish, the Bean

Likes: Cuddles, playing with his fishing rod toy, catnip

Dislikes: Fireworks, strangers



Jermemy's sister.

Nickname: Mima, Mimie, Jamjam 

Likes: Fish, Food, Cuddles

Dislikes: her brother


Nickname: Rosabella, Rosabells, Bella Boo

Likes: Seeing her boyfriend Teddy, Cuddles, Walkies, seeing her nanny, training, seeing her doggie friends



Nickname: Moemoe, Momie, Mojo

Likes: Strokes, sunbathing

Dislikes: cuddles


Nickname: Chasie, Chi Chi, Chae Chae, little man, Tottie, Tot man, the Chaser

Likes: Chasing the cats, Rosie, his nanny, biscuits, chicken

Dislikes: walking, baths

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