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Rosie's story

I wouldn't have Rosie if it for my first ever job after I left university. Let me set the scene ...

I worked at Wilko on the till for 1 year, I dabbled in dog grooming but my passion was training. A colleague and her husband got a puppy, a morkie. One day my colleague snuck her into to work so we could all have puppy cuddles on the tills. I fell head over heals in love with her that day. I said if she needed any help with training or grooming to give me a shout. The business had started to pick up for a mixture of my services. Unfortunately, a few months later my colleague's husband died. Rosie must have been 8/9 months old at this point, my colleague was struggling to look after, so I gave her some of my training handout for free and Rosie was in desperate need of a groom as she was very matted. Another month or so goes past and me and my mum are talking about getting another dog, a companion for Harvey who had lost his earlier in the year.

One day my Colleague comes into work and says she can no longer cope with Rosie's behaviour and wants to rehome her. This wasn't long after her 1st birthday. Obviously I jumped at the chance to have my little soul-dog. MY colleague went off sick due to the stress of leaving her husband.I left Wilkos a few weeks later to focus on my business. She handed henoticer a few weeks later and I haven't heard from her since.

She and Harvey adored each other and we got her spayed a week later. Sadly, Harvey died that same year of bladder cancer on News Years Eve.

Rosie had a few issues but none were as bad as they were made out to be by her previous owner. She was housetrained by the end of the year and while she still gets very excited and spins on her lead she is no were near as bad as she was.

One thing we did notice about Rosie was she would cower a lot even if you were just calling her name or if she heard raised voices. If you tried to training or luring activities with her she would just shut down.

It will be Rosie's 5th birthday this October. She has come such a long way and made amazing progress. My little bestie. She loves training now, although she does some times still feel pressured with food lures we are working on it!

She got her Novice Trick Dog title this year with DMWYD and I couldn't be prouder.

She is my inspiration.

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